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2021 Community Impact Japan Fund


日本のCCNは、日本のコミュニティを支援するキャンペーンを開始しました。この基金の下にある組織は、地域社会を支援するために、食料、水、シェルター、基本的なニーズといった必需品を届けることを目指して活動しています。組織は、この基金で地域社会と密接に連携し、地域社会で最も弱い立場にある人々を支援しています。 これらの団体や基金全体にご寄付いただくと、地域に大きなプラスの影響を与えるソリューションに投資することになります。 支援したい特定の非営利団体がある場合は、下の団体名をクリックしてください。1回の寄付で3つの非営利団体すべてを支援したい場合は、以下の基金のリンクをクリックしてください。 Japan CCN team has launched a campaign to benefit Communities in Japan. Organizations under this fund work towards delivering the essentials: food, water, shelter and basic needs to support communities. Organisations work closely with the communities with this Fund to help the most vulnerable in our communities. When you contribute to these organizations or the overall fund, you are investing in solutions that have significant positive impact in the region. If you have a specific non-profit you'd like to support, click their name below. If you'd like to support all three non-profit with one donation, click the fund link below.

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Central Community Chest of Japan

Amidst the changes in society, the Community Chest is a "mechanism for improving one's own town" that supports private organizations working to solve various community welfare issues so that everyone can live safely in their own neighborhoods. The community chest is a "mechanism for improving one's own town" that supports private organizations working to solve various community welfare issues so that everyone can live a comfortable life.

Hands On Tokyo


Through our volunteer activities, we address the needs of a diverse range of community partners, including children's homes, special care homes for the elderly, schools for the disabled, and special needs schools. By providing opportunities for people to participate in volunteer activities in both Japanese and English, we promote the active participation of local people in volunteerism and help people learn volunteerism and contribute to the community by working in the community.

In addition, in the wake of the Corona Disaster, we focused on "community needs" by providing support to medical and social welfare facilities (e.g., children's homes, senior homes, special needs organizations, etc.) to provide material support to those in need, and asked the question, "What can we do to help now? We are constantly working on new initiatives to

Second Harvest - Japan

セカンドハーベスト・ジャパン(2HJ)は、日本でのフードセーフティネットの構築を目的とし、児童養護・母子支援・障害者支援等の福祉施設や生活困窮者などに食品の提供を行っています。フードセキュリティ¹ に欠く人々に充分な食べ物を提供するため、2HJは食品企業などと連絡を取り合い食を通じた新しい社会作りを目指しています。
¹ フードセキュリティ:日常生活を送る為に、安全且つ栄養のある充分な食べ物を適切な手段により得られること。
Second Harvest Japan (2HJ) aims to establish a food safety net in Japan by providing food to welfare facilities such as child care, maternal and child support, and support for the disabled, as well as to the needy. In order to provide sufficient food to those who lack food security¹, 2HJ liaises with food companies and others to build a new society through food.

2021 Community Impact Japan Fund

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