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As the world continues to battle the COVID-19 virus, the situation in India has taken a dramatic turn for the worse in recent weeks. The country has seen a significant spike in COVID-19 infections and deaths to record levels, completely overwhelming its healthcare system. We ask you to contribute to and support efforts to provide relief to those effected by the pandemic.

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Sadanah Foundation Inc

The Sadanah foundation is working to support healthcare in India and deliver acute needs and resources: oxygen concentrators & tanks, ventilators, pulse oximeters and PPE. Sadanah will collect and deploy resources to India through vetted organizations and partners in their established supply chain.

The Desai Foundation

The Desai foundation is working to provide relief to those in India through the following areas:

Helping isolation and relief centers open with beds, food, medical supplies, rapid testing, sanitary napkins, medical screenings, and comfort for isolation and pre-critical stage patients.

For families to access available support after the loss of a loved one, ask medical advice, get answers to critical questions, and encourage them to test, seek assistance, and isolate.

Distributing tens of thousands of COVID kits (thermometers, sanitizer, oximeter, PPE kits, and vitamins), food kits and sanitary napkins. The BiPaps, Oxygen concentrators, and ventilators are on the way.

Providing both short and long term support for women of rural communities.

Save the Children

With health systems overwhelmed, many more children could miss out on vital health services or lose parents to the deadly virus. The risks of child labor and child marriage increase, as do threats to children’s mental health.

Save the Children is working around the clock to protect children in India from harm. They are also to working to provide life-saving medical support, food and psychosocial support for children.

Give Foundation Inc

Only 36% of India’s 336 million menstruating women use sanitary napkins. With the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, this number has only gone down. With growing poverty and major free supply chains of sanitary napkins broken – like for, for instance, adolescent girls would be given pads in school which have all mainly remained closed since the pandemic began – many have been pushed to resort to unhygienic alternatives. This mission on GiveIndia is raising funds to provide free reusable, easily washable pads to thousands of women and help them have a safe period.

Sewa International Inc

Sewa International have started ‘Help India Defeat COVID-19’ Campaign and is seeking your support. They are raising funds for buying supplies, and ensuring that the much-needed lifesaving medical equipment like oxygen-concentrators and ventilators are acquired and shipped to hospitals across India.

COVID Support For India Fund

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