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Cyclone Fani Disaster Response and Recovery Fund


On May 3rd Cyclone Fani, the strongest storm to hit India in 20 years, made landfall in eastern India. The storm has impacted over 1.2 million people in India who were evacuated from low-lying areas. We invite you to join us in supporting the Cyclone Fani Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund. Through a single donation to the Fund, you can help provide short-term and long-term response and recovery to multiple organization initiatives. Our Fund approach is informed by expert and local recommendations, based on up to date information from disaster philanthropy and nongovernmental organization networks. The Fund's strategy is similarly dynamic and responsive: as information on local communities needs becomes available, we will update the organizations in this Fund, directing donations towards specific organizations doing work in the areas most affected. We have initially selected organizations that are on the ground assisting with immediate relief needs, including rescue efforts, medical assistance, and providing access to clean water, food and shelter. Our approach is primarily informed by the Center for Disaster Philanthropy. Photo Credit:

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CARE has pre-positioned stocks of relief kits in India to ensure quick distribution, with a special focus on the needs of vulnerable populations, including women and girls. The comprehensive relief kits include sanitation items for women and girls, shelter provisions and other emergency supplies. CARE has been working in Odisha for several years. They have been monitoring the situation closely and will take necessary actions to respond to the impact of Cyclone Fani. CARE is also prepared to support in neighboring Bangladesh, where nearly 60 million people from 26 districts in Bangladesh - including over one million Rohingya - refugees are exposed to cyclonic storm and heavy rainfall.

Oxfam-America Inc.

Oxfam India’s humanitarian team is monitoring the situation closely with the state Inter Agency Group (IAG), partners, and the State Disaster Management Authority in Odisha and West Bengal. They are coordinating with local partners SOLAR and UNNAYAN to distribute supplies to the affected districts. Oxfam is ready provide food, clean water, shelter and hygiene kits through their local partners as needed.
They plan to meet the urgent needs of people affected by the cyclone by repairing water resources, distributing emergency food supplies to the thousands of families who are stranded and urgently need food to survive, and offering shelter and hygiene kits to support cyclone-affected families. They will also provide rehabilitation to displaced people who have lost their homes and livelihoods and undertake long-term recovery efforts to help people rebuild their lives.

World Vision

World Vision disaster management teams in India and Bangladesh are on alert and ready to deploy where needed. They are coordinating with government authorities and other aid agencies to organize the response. Staff are helping communities where they work who are in the path of the storm to activate the disaster preparedness plans they’ve made together. These focus on the needs of the most vulnerable, especially children.

Save the Children

Save the Children’s teams are carrying out assessments across Odisha and Andhra Pradesh states to determine the extent of the damage, with shelter, household, and school materials ready for distribution. Staff are preparing to respond in 10 of the Bangladeshi districts in the storm's path by providing food, water, shelter, safety, and hygiene facilities to people made homeless or in need of assistance. In Odisha, Save the Children works in 200 schools and 300 governmental pre-primary school, helping to educate children in almost 300 villages and preparing them for natural disasters. In West Bengal, Save the Children works in 200 villages with 1,500 youth emergency response force members. In the east coast of India, Save the Children has responded to cyclone and flood situation for over 40 years.

Cyclone Fani Disaster Response and Recovery Fund

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