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Symbiosis Movement Launch Fundraiser

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Visit to learn more! Symbiosis is a movement born from a song by the artist Liz Lundry in collaboration with her daughter, Adrienne. The Symbiosis Movement seeks to encourage cooperation and inclusion to reduce suffering and advance humanity peacefully. We believe that cooperation is the best way to reduce suffering in our world. We do not consider the polarization seen in our society to be inevitable or unstoppable. Instead, we believe that working together symbiotically will better advance humanity. Dialogue and empathy are our greatest strengths. The world is ours to change and recreate. Join us in creating this world by contributing to our inaugural fundraiser :)

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We chose due to their grassroots empowerment of individuals all over the world to make their voices heard and create change. They have successfully built coalitions with many other organizations and inspired millions of people to participate in creating a safer and healthier future. They boldly stand up for all of us, and emphasize caring for each other and cooperating respectfully to transform our communities.

Color Of Change Education Fund Inc

We picked Color of Change (COC) due to their track record of results and empowering individuals to be politically active—the very goal of democracy. They amplify Black voices to move corporations and government organizations and protect all people. They recently ran campaigns pressuring Facebook to protect election poll workers and the US Olympic Committee to not punish athletes for activism. Facebook subsequently added poll workers to their Protect Program and the US Olympic Committee announced that they will no longer sanction athletes for social justice protests.

Education Reimagined

We selected Education Reimagined (ER) due to their vision to place each learner at the center of education, instead of the one-size-fits-all model we have. Our current system has left more than half of students nationally over the past 30 years not proficient in 4th and 8th grade math and science. ER challenges our education system to serve, include, value, and love each child. They challenge us to see each child as an active participant in their own education and a curious learner who has capability and limitless potential. They are building a national network of innovators in the private and public sectors dedicated to bringing about this vision.

Symbiosis Movement Launch Fundraiser

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