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Rainforest Foundation Inc

Rainforest Foundation US works to protect the rainforests of Central and South America by partnering directly with those on the front lines: Indigenous peoples in Brazil, Peru, Panama, and Guyana, who are deeply motivated to protect their lands. The foundation supplies them with legal support as well as technological equipment and training so they can use smartphones, drones, and satellites to monitor illegal loggers and miners, and take action to stop them.

Union of Concerned Scientists Inc.

The Union of Concerned Scientists addresses the world’s most significant environmental issues. They do this by connecting the scientific community with advocates, educators, and businesses to combat climate change, promote sustainable energy sources, and prevent the use of nuclear weapons. For the last 30 years, their main focus has been to hold major fossil fuel companies accountable for their actions and advocate for the world to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Cool Earth

Cool Earth funds indigenous rainforest communities to tackle the root causes of deforestation and invest in projects that protect vital carbon sinks. The cash funds are used by local communities to run sustainability education programs which have led to the development of solar energy farms, bee-keeping projects, and sustainable waste solutions. The charities’ Rainforest Firefighters Campaign raises money to investigate how rainforest fires start so they can develop effective forest fire management plans for the future.

Rainforest Alliance Inc

The Rainforest Alliance works with farmers, forest communities, and businesses to improve land management practices and train farmers in climate-smart agriculture methods. Their innovative Rainforest Alliance Certification Program helps consumers make smart food shopping decisions, as the certification seal is only placed on products that have been made using sustainable methods.

Oceana, Inc.

Oceana works to make our oceans more diverse and abundant by advocating for changes to marine-related government policies. The charity particularly focuses its efforts on tracking harmful fisheries that are causing high levels of bycatch and running unsustainable practices. They also focus on reducing pollution in our oceans and protecting the most endangered marine species by campaigning for the widespread use of cleaner energy sources.

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