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Afghanistan Humanitarian Crisis Aid Fund


This Fund is a combination of two funds created to help support those affected by the current Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan. Descriptions are taken directly from GlobalGiving and Bright Funds (source links below) and I have noted the organization that selected and vetted the nonprofits. SOURCES: Created by Bright Funds: Afghanistan Humanitarian Relief Projects by GlobalGiving’s Vetted Partners:

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Global Hope Network International

Global Hope Network International [GHNI] is an international humanitarian aid organization that provides relief and holistic, self-sustainable community development to the neediest, unreached people in Africa, Middle East and Asia, through locally-led catalytic models of transformation.Countries - Egypt, Jordan, Sri Lanka, India, Armenia, Israel, Lebanon, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Togo, Cameroon, Cotes D'Ivoire, Mauritania, Chad, Serbia,Tajikistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, China, Myanmar, Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, and expanding.

Sakena Fund

"The nation of Afghanistan is in turmoil and many families have fled from their homes, seeking safety. We have 300,000 internal refugees and 80,000 children who lack shelter and food. Many people have come to AIL facilities; our centers, offices and clinics are overwhelmed with needy people. We need funds to purchase food and provide clothing, shelter supplies, school supplies, medicines and hygiene items like soap, masks and sanitizers.

Poor Afghans in Afghanistan are particularly vulnerable in times of disaster, whether natural or economic. Those without jobs, food or homes face starvation in harsh winter weather or after other natural disasters or following displacement. In recent years, there have been landslides, earthquakes and flooding incidents where we have been able to provide help."

Note Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) is not registered in the USA as a 501(c)3 non profit and does not have a US bank account. Therefore all donations flow through Creating Hope International (CHI) which is a registered 501(c)3:

Fund from Afghanistan Humanitarian Relief Projects by GlobalGiving’s Vetted Partners.

International Rescue Committee (IRC)

"The IRC is providing uprooted families with tents, clean water, sanitation and other basic necessities. They are appealing for funds to ensure their teams can continue to deliver lifesaving aid in areas of conflict, as well as provide emergency cash assistance and protection services for internally displaced people in Kabul. In the US they resettle Afghan refugees with housing, employment, health care, education and other comprehensive services. In recent years, the IRC has become one of the leaders in women’s protection and empowerment in Afghanistan." Fund from 2021 Afghanistan Emergency Aid Fund by Bright Funds

Bamyan Foundation

"This project will help victims of terrorist attacks and vulnerable populations displaced by the rapid advancement of the Taliban. Following recent school terror attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan, we will provide cash assistance to the families of victims, scholarships to students, and help schools resume operations. We have expanded the project to support the internally displaced, particularly women, with cash assistance for food, shelter and basic necessities." Fund from Afghanistan Humanitarian Relief Projects by GlobalGiving’s Vetted Partners.

Save the Children

"Save the Children has been a leading charity in Afghanistan since 1976, and offering sponsorship since 2006 – aiming to ensure children can grow up healthy, educated and safe. They are bolstering their emergency preparedness and protection, ensuring systems are in place to keep their staff safe and continue their urgent work. Together with local communities, government ministries and partners, they are working to improve children’s physical and emotional health, nutrition, sanitation and hygiene, education, protection, food security and livelihoods. They are responding directly to the unique needs of children in conflict and crisis. They are providing families with cash-transfers for food purchases, cash-for-work projects, vocational training and other income-generating activities to help provide children with necessities." Fund from 2021 Afghanistan Emergency Aid Fund by Bright Funds

Islamic Relief USA

"Islamic Relief USA has served in Afghanistan for more than 20 years, and continues to prioritize those in dire need in Afghanistan today. They are sending water, hygiene kits, shelter, and more for displace families. Provide orphan support and vocational training and deliver relief to families suffering from hunger." Fund from 2021 Afghanistan Emergency Aid Fund by Bright Funds

Afghanistan Humanitarian Crisis Aid Fund

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