Beam Center Inc

Beam Center Inc

60 Sackett St, Brooklyn, NY, 11231, US

Beam Center’s mission is to crystallize self-directed growth through ambitious, collaborative project-making. We support and celebrate young people as producers of learning, culture and change who take bold steps towards meaningful futures and help guide compassionate, equitable, and vibrant communities. We use old and new tools, technologies, and craft to honor the individual voice, celebrate the joy of producing something larger than ourselves, and inspire lasting wonder. We value the exchange of knowledge, perspective, and experience between youth and professional creators. We share in the work of creating economic and educational equity for young New Yorkers who face systemic injustice.

Beam Center Inc
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Beam Center’s mission is to help young people in grades 2 - 12 build character and capability through hands-on creation and collaboration. Our faculty of artists, designers, engineers and storytellers guide young creators in workshops and projects in technology, imagination and craft.

In the Inventgenuity Workshops after-school program, we leverage pre-teen kids’ imagination and openness to introduce them to the many ways of making things and telling stories. The BeamWorks program prepares teenagers for what lies beyond high school by connecting real work with meaning and continual learning through collaborations on large-scale projects with designers, builders, engineers and artists.

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