Policing Equity

Policing Equity

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The Center for Policing Equity works with communities and inside public safety systems to make law enforcement less racist and less deadly. We are a research and action organization that uses advanced analytics to measure racial bias in policing. Through our work, CPE empowers vulnerable communities to engage with and shape their public safety systems. Ultimately, CPE uses science to create levers for social, cultural, and policy change.

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Our work is powered by science. We use advanced analytics to diagnose disparities in policing, shed light on police behavior, and answer questions police and communities have asked for years about how to build a healthy relationship. It is a process everyone can trust—even when they cannot trust one another.

We do not just collect data. We analyze it. Taking data off the spread sheet and making it actionable is what we do best. Our partners use our analyses to chart a path toward their goals and consistent with their values.