Birtukan and Adisu

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October 22, 2018

Partners in life and business, Birtukan and Adisu have been married for seven years. Throughout this time they built their house and started a family, and they now run a small clothing shop together. They rent a sewing machine from a neighbor and with it Birtukan repairs old clothing from out of their home. Adisu sells new men’s and women's clothing out of a stall the couple run in the village market. Combined, their efforts allow the couple to care for their family of five.

The management of their home and the success of their business would not be possible without water. Adisu shared, “We needed water at home so I could work. I support our income. People don’t buy as many clothes from the shop. If I had to keep collecting water, I would have no time to work.”

Helping to break the cycle of poverty for people like Adisu and Birtukan is why we created WaterCredit. Millions of people around the world could get access to safe water in their homes with the help of small, affordable loans. Through our partner bank in Boditi, Ethiopia, the couple got a loan to construct a water tap on their property.

Now, the couple work together to repay the loan with a small portion of their income. After having their water connection for only four months, already it has made a significant difference in their lives. Adisu explained, “I don’t have to wake as early to get water. It was such a burden on me. It was heavy and it took me two to three trips each day. Our time, our money, it has changed...we are so happy.”

Give water credit for giving this couple the solution they needed to break the cycle of poverty, and finally experience the time, the savings, and the happiness water gives.

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