Hurricane Irma: Rebuilding Hope

Hurricane Irma Disaster Response and Recovery Fund
September 14, 2017

All Hands and Hearts

In light of the almost absolute devastation experienced in the US Virgin Islands and the plethora of organizations currently on deck to help Floridians in the wake of Hurricane Irma, our iRMA Immediate Response Team is currently en route to help in the USVI as they wait for responders and government officials to complete their life saving measures. CEO Erik Dyson said, "Unfortunately, we aren't big enough to be everywhere at once. But our model is all about meeting the greatest need as best we can. Base on what we know today, our help is needed in the islands, so that's where we're headed." Once on the ground, they will assess where the greatest assistance is needed.

Hurricane Irma Numbers

-At least 37 have died in the Caribbean and 10 within US territory
-Major damage has been experienced in the Caribbean: the Islands of Barbuda and St. Martin have been "reduced to rubble," and 95% of St. Martina and Barbuda have been wiped out.
-7 million people are under evacuation orders
-Only 530 shelters are currently open
-Hurricane Irma has been reported as the most powerful storm ever in the Atlantic basin
-160,000 people are living in shelters
-Meteorologists project Irma will be bigger and more destructive than Hurricane Andrew, which caused roughy $50 billion in damages.

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