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The Syrian Refugee Relief Fund


The war has resulted in over 4 million Syrians refugees and double the number have been displaced by more than four years of war. We are in the midst of the Europe's biggest refugee movement since WWII. The Syrian Refugee Relief Fund is dedicated to supporting organizations working hard to provide humanitarian aid to the countless refugees fleeing the war zones in Syria.

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United States Association for UNHCR

UNHCR humanitarian workers are working hard in Italy, Greece, Serbia, Hungary, Turkey and other countries in Europe to receive and assist the new refugee arrivals fleeing countries affected by violence and conflict. Simultaneously, they continue to provide desperately needed aid and services in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and across Africa where refugees are facing food cuts and insufficient critical support services.

Mercy Corps U.S.

Mercy Corp is on the ground helping the most vulnerable families get the food, water, shelter and support they need. They have been increasing access to clean water and giving young refugees safe spaces and activities to learn and heal. Their strategy is to meet immediate needs while focusing on longer-term emotional and developmental needs of traumatized children and adolescents.

Shelter Box Usa

Shelter Box USA has been providing emergency shelter and vital supplies to families affected by the Syrian crisis in Iraq, Kurdistan, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. The Shelter box includes tents, mosquito nets, water filters, water carriers, blankets, groundsheets, SchoolBoxes and solar lamps. ShelterBox has sent aid to support over 5,000 families in Syria, Iraqi Kurdistan, Lebanon and Jordan.

World Food Program USA

WFP is working every day to reach families in desperate need of food assistance. Every month, WFP provides people inside Syria with rations, including flour, pasta, cooking oil, beans, sugar and some canned foods. WFP also provides food vouchers to vulnerable pregnant and nursing mothers, giving them access to a variety of nutritious foods to improve their own nutrition and that of their babies.

Karam Foundation

The Karam Foundation has cultivated trusted aid networks across Syria to deliver relief and services to areas far beyond the limited reach of international aid organizations. They provide educational programs for displaced Syrian children and are currently raising funds to rebuild schools in Syria. In addition the Foundation supports White Helmets' efforts to save lives in Syria.

The Syrian Refugee Relief Fund

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