United States Association for UNHCR

United States Association for UNHCR

1310 L St NW Ste 450, Washington, DC, 20005, US

USA for UNHCR protects refugees and empowers them with hope and opportunity. \r\n \r\nEstablished by concerned American citizens, USA for UNHCR is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, headquartered in Washington, D.C.

United States Association for UNHCR
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USA for UNHCR is an independent nonprofit organization that provides support for the humanitarian work of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) through fundraising and education.

The organization supports refugee protection and relief programs around the world, meeting needs by providing resources to the world's most vulnerable people.

USA for UNHCR also informs Americans about the plight of refugees and the lifesaving work of the UN Refugee Agency.

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Easterly Supports: Humanitarian Aid Fund
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Easterly Supports: Humanitarian Aid Fund
Recent months have brought civil conflict around the world; the Afghan crisis continues to rage, with over 700,000 Afghans newly displaced in 2021 alone. More recently, we have all watched with horror as millions of Ukrainians have fled their homes in search of safety from the Russian invasion, many on foot, carrying young children, or both. As hard as it is to watch and feel helpless from afar, we want to spotlight two non-profit organizations working to help the refugees from Afghanistan and Ukraine. We are setting a goal for our employees to raise $2,500.00 to help fund these two organizations and the critical work they are doing. With that, Easterly will match the first $50.00 of each employee donation. Should you be interested in utilizing your annual $500.00 corporate matching allotment, please contact Katie Scott directly. For every $1.00 donated to our humanitarian aid fund, $0.50 will go to Operation Sacred Promise (OSP) and $0.50 will go to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees-USA (UNHCR). Both Bill and Meghan have been particularly focused on refugees of war and wish to help advance these important causes. As such, in order to kick off Easterly's first campaign, both Bill Trimble and Meghan Baivier have generously agreed to match these donations. Bill will match all donations made to UNHCR up to $1,500, and Meghan will also match all donations made to OSP up to $1,500. So now your $1 donation becomes $3 of support, and our $2,500 goal can grow to $8,000 through corporate and personal matching!